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continuing an ongoing fascination i have with buried structures, here's another design for a small modular habitat.


 a 140m² structure is composed of preformed modular components creating a seamless, low maintenance, insulated shell which can be above ground or buried. The modular nature of the structure enables customised variations as well as allowing fast assembly in remote locations to create the ideal off-grid getaway.


Kannaland Nocturne

a track i put together using a field recording i made while on an overnight stay in the Klein Karoo, an area otherwise known as Kannaland. It evokes for me the wonderful feeling of peace and quiet i experience when i'm out there, as well as something of the history of the land and the people who have lived there.


Erinnerungen An Eine Stadt


 Cities And Memory Hamburg remix album 'Erinnerungen An Eine Stadt' now available on Mobius Spin netlabel.

'small tales' on Xylem Records


'small tales for urban living' is now also available on Xylem Records netlabel.