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WoW! my 2011 'i think i am' album is now available on Intuición Abstracta netlabel. Big thank you Triangular in Argentina!

my auto translate leads me to believe the release notes say:
We have given ourselves a pleasure of presenting this interesting sonorous designer that next we will mention. Restive is an artist native to South Africa, his sonorous art is based clearly on experimentation, with approaches on generative processes and field recordings. In this titled work ' the Ist think the Ist am ', we find many abstract ideas that go with our sonorous philosophy. It is a question of eight pieces of ambiences and drones dark, saturated recordings and ambience ruidistas that transport us to godforsaken factories, micro chance percussions that are the strawberry of the dessert in this semi-real world that Restive raises us, and that is a part of our fifth reference. It costs to clarify that this album was auto-published in his web site in 2011. I hope that they should enjoy it.

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